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Apapacho family I


$ 60.000,00


In the world we want to transform apapacho timeout in a playful, entertaining experience and contributes to the emotional development of our children. We know how important it is for companies to provide the best service experience to its customers, therefore apapacho transforms spaces and waiting times better experience for patients, parents and children.

Product Description

Because we know that every child, to the extent that an object is familiar, arouse their curiosity and interest. Children and adults will find in the world apapacho a true expression of art and luxury of the handmade. Solid wood almost without joints for durability. Each product is made from radiata pine wood, carefully selected. Each piece of renewable wood has been attached piece by piece, and then polished manually with the sculptural mastery of the excellent work of artisans of our country, resulting in each product is different from the other, making it truly unique.


We want to beautify the spaces making emotional, and with the highest standard of design and innovation. Children can interact with beautiful, fun and elegant creatures, to grow able to perceive, recognize and appreciate their world. Simultaneously while enjoying these pieces of functional art, promotes its aesthetic ability and emotional attachment.



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