“Every piece of Apapacho, is a true expression of arts and crafts.
Each part is made of carefully selected pinewood, combined piece by piece and laminated by the hands of very skillful woodworking craftsmen. Because each product is singularly handmade, no one piece is equal to another. They are all authentically unique.
Kids will interact with cute, fun and elegant creatures, introducing them to quality products, because we want them to grow to recognize and appreciate their world, thus promote children aesthetic awareness as they perceive and enjoy this functional art pieces.”

Apapacho Family

“The forms and ergonomic shapes were thought to embrace the child and enhance the bonding between their functional pet, and him/herself by generating an intimate space, just for the two of them. This to encourage learning in a way that becomes fun and cute. The Apapacho world with its animal forms offers opportunities to actively construct meaning, respond to stimulating environments, engage emotional bonding, make connections, build up fantasy and creativity while stimulating the child during his learning process in an enjoyable playful way.”

In the World of Apapacho, we want to make the waiting time a fun and  playful experience, that contributes to emotional growth of your children.

– Susana Herrera –