Our Brands

Our Brands

Susana Herrera Furnitures and objetcts celebrates nature not only in her designs, but also in her choice of materials. Her signature products involve natural woods, whicker, dyes and textiles combined and fashioned by local craftsmen and women to mimic leaves, twigs, reed, birds and furry creatures that appeal to our wildest fantasies and make the joy.  She has bring luxury boating building techniques into this utilitarian sculptural furniture.   This is that make it robust, stable and solid.  A sturdy piece of functional art. Without giving up finishes precisely where the details are treated with delicacy.  She uses the finest quality  lumber from   renewable forest to help to sustain the environment.. She designs and builds an impressive variety of different geometries and natural forms.



Inspired by endemic Southern and Northern species, these endearing little beasts remind us of everything wild and beautiful. Their name also conveys a playful fairylike spirit, often mischievous and loving of all things fun.

These awesome creatures will hold, comfort, protect and heal our young in joyful, meaningful interaction. Their name has been attributed to the Nahuatl, native to Mexico and Central America, and originally means to hug with loving affection.